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Longevity is launching a Kickstarter campaign on February 24th, 2023.





No Hangover, No Toxicity, No Regrets.

The World’s First

Healthy Alcohol

No More Hangovers.

Drink tonight and feel better tomorrow. Longevity has health benefits instead of physiological consequences.

Tamed Hunger.

Eat less and feel more satisfied. Longevity can increase sensitivity to Leptin, the satiating hormone.

A Relaxing Buzz.

Relax and connect without regrets. Longevity delivers a calm, euphoric buzz that doesn’t impair sleep quality.

We’re Changing the Way You Drink.

Longevity is not another alcohol-free or “adaptogenic” mocktail. It’s made with Longevi-T™, a real, non-ethanol alcohol.

Longevi-T™ is made with a food grade version of R 1,3 Butanediol, a novel alcohol compound. Scientists are researching R 1,3 for its ability to promote weight loss, brain health, and, well, longevity.

To hear the story behind our active ingredient, Longevi-T™, checkout our science page.

What People Are Saying

This will change the world. You can literally drink this new alcohol, get buzzed, and it’s good for you. Taste isn’t bad either.

Ikechukw Ubegwu

CEO – Veii Apparel

Your New Superpower

Now you can experience true relief: relaxation without guilt or worry. Get a buzz on and feel better the next day. Go out without being asked why you’re holding a non-alcoholic drink. Hell, you can even drink it as a daily health supplement if you want.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to enjoy yourself. And now you don’t.


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Join the growing community of doctors, scientists, and wellness enthusiasts getting excited for the world’s first healthy alcohol.