Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.

-Steve Jobs

Our Mission

Longevity’s mission is to create alcoholic drinks that not only do no harm, but actually improve your immediate and long-term health.

We make alcohol for healthy people.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between having your health and having fun. With Longevity, you can experience true relief: relaxation without guilt or worry. That means no more dreading hangovers or being asked why you’re holding a 0% drink at parties…

The Team

Peter Tauscher


Peter is the CEO at Longevity, and has a background in research and entrepreneurship. He left his previous nootropics/harm-reduction company to build Longevity after realizing the enormous potential for novel alcohols.


Kent Adams


Kent is an advisor for Longevity with a background in organic chemical manufacturing and entrepreneurship. He has launched 5 successful startup businesses in the consumer packaged good, agriculture, and industrial spaces. The largest sold for $250 million and smallest for $25 million.

Grace Guentzal


Grace is the Chief Marketing Officer at Longevity. She has a background in viral marketing and previously founded a social media marketing agency.


Science & Nutrition advisor

To Be Announced Soon

About FAQ:

Do you have a press kit?

Yes! You can download it here. For interview requests, please reach out at press@siplongevity.com

How can I invest in Longevity?

We are currently not accepting outside investments. However, if you want to support our mission please consider backing our Kickstarter.

Do you plan on launching more products?

Yes. After the release of our Sonoran Paloma & Mojito canned cocktails, we plan on developing an exciting new line of Longevity products.


The first round of Longevity will only be available to our Kickstarter supporters.

Join the growing community of doctors, scientists, and wellness enthusiasts backing our campaign to launch the world’s first healthy alcohol.