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Your New Superpower

Now you can experience true relief: relaxation without guilt or worry. You can get a buzz on and feel better the next day. You can go to social events without being asked why you’re holding a non-alcoholic drink. Hell, you can even drink it as a daily health supplement if you want.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to enjoy yourself. And now you don’t.

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Kickstarter FAQ:

Why should I support the Longevity Kickstarter?

You should support our Kickstarter if you are passionate about bringing a truly revolutionary product to life. 3 million people die from ethanol alcohol-related health problems every year. Those who do give up drinking often find themselves socially isolated or missing the relaxing effects of alcohol. Longevity offers a healthy way to enjoy drinking again. Join our mission to create the world’s first healthy alcoholic drinks by signing up for the email list below.

Why do you need my email?

We need your email address so we can send you a link to back our campaign the day it launches. Coordinating a large amount of donations in the first 48 hours will be crucial to meeting our goals. Backing the project early also gives you access to the best reward tiers.

Is the product finished yet?

Yes. Our recipe for Sonoran Paloma Longevity is already finished and tested. It tastes pretty good. We just need funding to send it to an FDA-approved co-packing facility to get it

What rewards are available for Kickstarter backers?

You can receive a tiered reward depending on the amount you pledge. For example, smaller pledges will receive a 4-pack of canned Longevity, while medium-sized pledges will receive an 8-pack. Backing the Kickstarter is currently the only way to try Longevity.

Is supporting the Kickstarter cheaper than buying Longevity after it launches?

Yes. The final sales price will be ~35% higher than the amount early Kickstarter supporters will pay. Supporting the Kickstarter will be the only way to try out Longevity at this discounted price.

What happens to backers if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal?

Your payment will not process until the campaign is completed. Our Kickstarter campaign is all or nothing, so if we don’t reach our goal, your card won’t ever be charged.

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Be a part of history: join doctors, scientists, and health-conscious drinkers in funding the world’s first healthy alcohol.

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